Solarize Gwinnett Campaign Offers Additional Time to Enroll

Posted by: Ken Haldin

Gwinnett Property Owners’ Final Opportunity to Go Solar via Group Buying Ends Dec. 31

LAWRENCEVILLE — Solarize Gwinnett – a community-based group-purchasing program for solar energy, battery storage and other clean-energy technologies – is offering final extended time for local property owners to sign up for a free evaluation of solar energy for their residences or businesses.

The campaign enrollment period will end Dec. 31, 2023. That will be the last day for enrollment in Solarize Gwinnett – a no-obligation opportunity to determine if solar energy is right for your property.

Importantly, those who enroll for free have additional time to decide whether to proceed with a contract, until Feb. 29, 2024.

The prior deadline was extended based on the Solarize Gwinnett Coalition’s desire to ensure there is adequate time for local property owners to sign up before year-end. The extra time also enables Gwinnettians to take advantage of new bonus packages from the campaign’s solar installer that encourage a clean energy lifestyle in Gwinnett.

In addition, a newly forged initiative to incorporate credits for companies to participate in equitable projects like Solarize Gwinnett led the Coalition to extend the deadline until Dec. 31.

The bonus packages offered by Better Tomorrow Solar for those who purchase a solar energy system include:

  • An induction stove cooktop or 40 LED light bulbs
  • A Level 2 EV charging station for $250 plus installation. (Ordinarily the cost is $550.)
  • An option to give back to the Gwinnett Housing Corp. by gifting the value of solar energy generated through Renewable Energy Certificates

The Solarize Gwinnett campaign is currently in its 3rd tier of progressively lower-priced tiers. More than 150 property owners have already sought a free evaluation through the campaign. Valuable federal tax credits are also available and can provide significant additional savings. All solar and battery installations are expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 2024

To make it simple for Gwinnett County residents to quickly learn more about the benefits of solar energy as well as the group purchasing concept, there are online resources and videos available here.

Solarize Gwinnett Introduces Social REC Initiative

Solar produces both energy and environmental attributes known as Renewable Energy Certificates or Credits (RECs). RECs are created with every megawatt hour of renewable energy generated. For example, a 5kw installation produces approximately five to seven RECs a year.

“As part of my transition as a Gwinnett homeowner to a resilient and clean energy lifestyle, I was thrilled to work with Solarize Gwinnett and Better Tomorrow Solar to give back to my community the value of an estimated 12,000 kWh of renewable energy my home will be producing annually,” said Jay Bassett, a Solarize Gwinnett Coalition member and Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Community Advisory Board member as well as co-founder of Sustainable Gwinnett and member of the Citizen Climate Lobby.

“The value of these credits will directly benefit the non-profit Gwinnett Housing Corp. in its mission to create sustainable housing opportunities, including energy efficiency and clean energy improvements resulting in energy burden reductions for low- and moderate-income families here,” Bassett added.

RECs are a commodity that can be packaged and made available to the open market.  Companies who care about the effects of climate change can purchase RECs as a way to meet their sustainability goals. Companies also want to partner with equitable projects, like Solarize Gwinnett.

Through a partnership with Solar Stewards and Gwinnett Housing, Solarize Gwinnett has arranged for participants to be able to gift their RECs and support sustainable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income families in Gwinnett County.

Solarize Gwinnett is based upon a model that has been successful in more than 300 other communities in the U.S. as well as several elsewhere in Georgia. Following a rigorous RFP and evaluation process, the Solarize Gwinnett coalition chose Better Tomorrow Solar to provide local property owners with this volume purchasing opportunity.

Solarize Gwinnett is currently encouraging no-obligation sign-ups for the program. Interested residents may go to to learn more about the program and enroll for a free solar evaluation of their property.


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