Solarize KC Momentum Continues With Increased Affordability and Ways to Learn More About Residential Solar Energy

Posted by: Ken Haldin

Federal Tax Incentives, Financing Topics of Free Sept. 21 Virtual Workshop

Solarize Kansas City, the time-limited community-led program that makes solar energy and battery storage more affordable, is helping local property owners this month receive more information about renewable energy costs.

The campaign – based upon a unique community group-purchasing model – recently reached its eighth and final progressively lower-price tier since its launch earlier this year. In addition, the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act means that federal tax credits have increased to 30 percent in savings for newly installed solar energy systems and batteries.

To help home and business owners learn more about how pricing and affordability works within the program, a special virtual Workshop is set for Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 6:30 p.m. During this free online event, attendees can hear from Solarize KC specialists and the chosen installer on topics like financing, incentives available via federal tax credits and how the pricing tiers work to lower costs.

Register in advance here for this public session.

Another opportunity to learn more is to visit with a Solarize KC representative at the upcoming Go Green 2022! Environmental Fair. This family-friendly event is from 9 a.m.-noon, Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Powell Community Center, 6200 Martway Street, Mission. Information about the program and an opportunity to ask questions and enroll in Solarize KC will be on site.

Solarize KC offers an opportunity to install solar energy infrastructure at your home or business at discount prices achievable through bulk buying along with others in Kansas City. The more purchases that occur, the lower the total price of an installed renewable energy system for each buyer. 

Under the Solarize concept, everyone who purchased a solar power system in the first stages of the campaign receives the same discounts as the last participant – eight tiers in all. Tier 8 lowers the cost down to $2.55/watt.

Since the campaign’s inception, 50 property owners have completed contracts, comprising more than 373 in total kW of solar power generated through the program. Once these systems are fully installed and operational, the equivalent of 1.47 million lbs. of carbon emissions will have been avoided annually in Kansas City.

Contacts and visits are continuing with 539 local property owners who have already requested a free evaluation through Solarize KC. Local home and business owners can enroll anytime for a free assessment of their property’s readiness for solar energy and battery storage.

The coalition of organizations involved in developing and partnering together to ensure Solarize KC
is a success include: the City of Kansas City, MO; Kansas City Public Library; Metropolitan Energy Center;  USGBC – Central Plains; Climate+Energy Project; Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club; Westside Housing; Greenwood Consulting Group LLC, Center for Neighborhoods, and MY REGION WINS!, with support from Solar Crowdsource. Following a rigorous selection process evaluating price, quality of materials and service, Sun Solar was chosen to lead and execute the proposal, contract and installation process.

Solar energy is clean, makes homes and businesses more climate-resilient and can stimulate local economic growth. A component of the Solarize KC program currently in development will enable homeowners in select neighborhoods to apply for subsidies to ensure that low- to moderate-income households are able to participate.

Deadline to enroll (to request a free, no-obligation evaluation) is Oct. 31, 2022. All solar and battery installations under the Solarize Kansas City program are expected to be completed by June 30, 2023. 

Interested residents may go to to learn more about the program and sign up.

About Solarize KC:  Solarize Kansas City is a campaign forged and supported by a local public-private coalition involving the City of Kansas City, MO, Kansas City Public Library; Metropolitan Energy Center, USGBC – Central Plains; Climate+Energy Project; Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club; Westside Housing; Greenwood Consulting Group LLC, Center for Neighborhoods, and MY REGION WINS!, with support from Solar Crowdsource. 

Lowering the cost of solar-energy and battery-storage installations through the power of bulk purchasing, reducing contractor acquisition costs, and transferring those savings to residential and commercial residents is the goal of the campaign, which launched in May 2022.


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