Top five reasons why Georgians should make the transition to solar energy

Posted by: Don Moreland
There are many compelling reasons why Georgians should make the transition to solar energy but there can only be 5 "top" reasons and here are ours. Below is our list with short summaries for each. If you want to explore further, click on the link to read more. 

 Top Five Reasons Georgians Should Make the Transition to

Solar Energy

  1. Solar is Georgia's top domestic source of energy production. Georgia's energy mix is almost completely comprised of fossil fuels such as coal, petrolium, and natural gas yet there are no known domestic reserves located within the state. This means when it comes to energy, Georgia is actually in the export business. While we import all our coal, petrolium, and natural gas, we export about $30 billion per year to pay for it. Yes, that’s 3-0 with a “B”. Meanwhile, the sun shines enormous amounts of energy on our great state every day. So why don't we use some of that $30 billion to tap into it?  (read more)
  1. Solar is a great investment today, not years from now. The cost of solar has come down 50% over the past 5 years. With incentives and programs designed to reduce the upfront cost, solar is now competitive with traditional sources of generating electricity such as fossil fuels. Find out why solar is a great investment today and why you should wait no longer to make the switch to clean energy. (read more)
  1. Solar is clean, renewable with very little operating and maintenance required. Georgia electricity is made up of over 70% fossil fuels ranking Georgia as 11th among the largest greenhouse gas emitting states in the US. Solar emits zero greenhouse gas emissions, its supply and cost cannot be manipulated by outsiders, and once it’s installed, very little maintenance is required. (read more)
  1. Solar is good for the economy: Georgia is tied for 10th among the states with the greatest energy potential from solar power making it Georgia’s top domestic resource for generating affordable electricity. Georgia firms currently employ over 3,000 full-time workers grossing over $500 million in revenue in 2015. As a tiny sliver of overall energy production, we are barely scratching the surface. Solar creates jobs, promotes economic development and is good for Georgia’s economy. (more coming soon)
  1. Solar provides net benefits to the utility company and can help reduce the overall cost of energy: Generating electricity at the point of consumption helps reduce operating costs for property owners but also provides downstream net benefits to the utility. Often referred to as the “value of solar”, solar reduces the amount of electricity utilities must generate, especially at peak demand such as in the summer. This reduces the need to power up expensive and inefficient reserves that transmit energy over long distances, and/or purchase expensive wholesale power at peak demand. Intoducing solar to the cycle helps reduce the overall cost of electricity. (more coming soon)

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