Atlanta's First Solarize Program: Solarize Georgia

Posted by: Karina Antenucci

You may be familiar with fellow Southern states and cities' Solarize programs, such as Solarize North Carolina  or Solarize Tybee, but did you know that the Atlanta metro area hasn't—until now—had its own Georgia Solarize program? That's crazy, right? Solarize programs are growing in popularity throughout the U.S. as of late because everything about them is positive for both the individual and the community as a whole.

If you've heard the term "Solarize," but aren't quite sure what that means exactly, let us explain... It is essentially a community-based bulk-purchasing program, where your community goes in on a solar program together. Think of it like buying solar at wholesale prices—the more individuals who sign up to do so, the more everyone involved saves on the cost of solar installations. This is fantastic for people who want to go green (and save some green), but can't afford to do so by themselves. It's also, of course, good news for the environment.

So, how does Atlanta's first Solarize program work? Both local governments and the individual are able to participate in our intuitive program since we have developed an easy-to-use campaign website. The local government is able to create a campaign on and then its community's individuals sign up to participate in the campaign. Everyone involved can continue to view the progress of the campaign on our website's campaign page for Solarize Georgia.

If you represent a local government and would like to create a campaign for your community, hit this Start a Campaign HERE button and let’s get going!

Interested in participating in a campaign through your local government? Great! At this moment in time, we are beginning to sign up local governments to our Solarize Georgia program, so check back HERE to View Campaigns near you. If you see one that you'd like to join on the campaigns page, hit the “Learn More” button and just fill out the short contact form at the right side and click “submit.” 

Don’t see an active Solarize campaign where you work or live yet? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Just shoot us a note and we’ll add your name to our growing list of folks in your area. We’ll contact your local government to make your wishes for a Solarize Georgia campaign are heard.

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