Solarize Atlanta and Solarize Savannah Joining Together to Bring Affordable Solar Energy Options and Boost 100% Clean Energy Objectives

Posted by: Don Moreland

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           March 23, 2021

Atlanta, GA — The cities of Atlanta and Savannah have teamed up to run concurrent Solarize campaigns for 2021-2022. 

Solarize programs are community-based group-purchasing initiatives for solar energy, battery storage, and other clean-energy technologies. Such programs help homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits become more resilient, reduce energy expenses, and save on the cost of renewable-energy systems by obtaining volume discounts on materials and installation services. Solarize campaigns are driven by community group purchasing. The more participants who enroll, the greater the savings for all. 

Solarize Atlanta and Solarize Savannah are currently seeking bids from solar-energy design and installation companies. Respondents to these requests for proposals may bid for Atlanta, Savannah, or both Atlanta and Savannah. Campaign Organizers will hold a virtual bid meeting on March 24, 2021 at 10AM to share more about the campaigns and organizers will be available to answer questions. Prospective bidding companies can register here for the meeting and have until April 16, 2021 to submit a bid. 

“This will be the first time we’ve run concurrent Solarize campaigns in Georgia,” said Jennette Gayer, Executive Director of Environment Georgia one of the community organizations participating in both campaigns. “This should help us make great strides in expanding rooftop solar in Georgia and really dig-in on how solarize can help drive clean energy jobs in a community and help put solar on low income homes.”

Atlanta and Savannah are among a growing number of cities that are committed to transitioning to 100% clean energy goals and have pledged to accomplish these goals in a just and equitable way. In addition to electricity bill savings and increasing renewable energy adoption, these campaigns will seek pathways to green jobs for local residents through a workforce-development component, as well as provide deeper cost reductions to low- and moderate-income community members through fundraising and financing options. 

Coalition organizations involved in developing and partnering together on both campaigns include Environment Georgia, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, Sierra Club Georgia Chapter, Partnership for Southern Equity, among others. 

“On behalf of the Climate Reality Project of Coastal Georgia, we are excited to support the initiative to bring affordable and accessible solar options to residents of Savannah and surrounding areas, including low to moderate income households,” said Liz Sargent.  “In addition, this supports the plan for the City of Savannah to transition to 100% clean energy by 2035!”

“Solarize programs create unique opportunities for individuals, businesses, non-profits, and congregations to invest in more affordable rooftop solar,” said Codi Norred, Executive Director of Georgia Interfaith Power & Light. “Solarize Atlanta 2.0 and Solarize Savannah offer these communities a practical way to live into their climate commitments, simultaneously decreasing their carbon footprints and saving them money on their energy bills. These community efforts are incredibly important and could not be more timely.”

Since Solarize first came to Georgia in 2015 with Solarize Tybee, there have been 10 additional campaigns including Athens, Roswell, Decatur/DeKalb, Middle Georgia, Dunwoody, Carrollton/Carroll, and Newton/Morgan. Together, these programs added over 5 megawatts of solar energy for over 700 homeowners and business owners in Georgia. 

“Solar energy is clean, makes homes and businesses more resilient, and can stimulate local economic growth,” said Don Moreland, owner of Solar Crowdsource and administrator of both campaigns. “Solar energy is also uniquely capable of reducing energy and economic burdens for low- and moderate-income (LMI) community members in a direct, sustainable, and long-lasting way,” 

Interested parties can visit Solarize Atlanta and Solarize Savannah for RFP documents and each campaign is now accepting advance registrations for residents to qualify for group discount pricing and receive a free, no-obligation evaluation. Virtual launch events are being planned for the first week of May. 


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