Solarize Cobb Seeks Bids From Solar Contractors

Posted by: Ken Haldin

Campaign to Offer Affordable Renewable Energy
To County Residents Via Group-Purchase Campaign

MARIETTA — A new local renewable energy coalition is seeking bids from solar contractors for a Cobb County campaign that will make purchasing a solar energy system more affordable for local homeowners, businesses and nonprofits.

Solarize Cobb has issued a request for proposals from area solar-energy design and installation companies for its 2023 group-purchasing program, which is set to launch publicly in mid-August in Cobb County.

Solarize Cobb is a community-based group-purchasing program for solar energy, battery storage and other clean-energy technologies. This initiative is aimed at helping homeowners, businesses and nonprofits become more resilient, reduce their energy expenses, and save on the cost of renewable-energy systems by obtaining volume discounts on materials and installation services.

Solarize campaigns are driven by community group purchasing. The more participants who enroll, the greater the savings for all. 

Solarize Cobb is seeking competitive bids from the local solar community to ensure best-in-class materials are installed by qualified solar professionals for the lowest price. A link to download the Request for Proposals, including details about the campaign’s objectives, is available here. The deadline for all bids to be submitted is 5 p.m. EST on July 17.

Coalition organizations involved in developing and partnering together to ensure Solarize Cobb is a success include: My Green Earth, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, Environment Georgia, Sierra Club Georgia Chapter - Centennial Group in NW Georgia, and Solar Crowdsource

Solar energy is clean, makes homes and businesses more climate-resilient and can stimulate local economic growth as well as lower monthly power bills. In addition to group purchasing, federal tax credits are available to help further reduce system costs. Going solar can also reduce energy and economic burdens for low- and moderate-income residents.

"The launch of Solarize Cobb marks a pivotal moment for renewable energy adoption in Cobb County," said Bethany Mashini, Executive Director of My Green Earth. "Our coalition is driven by a shared vision of creating a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for all. We are thrilled about the impact Solarize Cobb will have on homeowners and businesses as we bring affordable, honest solar solutions and foster a community-wide transition toward clean energy."

Bid Meeting

Campaign organizers will hold a virtual bid conference via Zoom on 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 28. Prospective bidders are encouraged to attend this meeting to get an overview of the campaign and participate in a Q&A session. Advance registration, available here, is required.

Once an installer is selected in July, Solarize Cobb will offer a series of clean-energy education and outreach events in the community with a goal of increasing participation through a better understanding of rooftop solar components, suitability assessment considerations, and Solarize contract provisions. All solar and battery installations are expected to be completed by December 31, 2024. 

Solarize Cobb is now accepting advance registrations for the upcoming program. Interested residents may go to to learn more about the program and sign up in advance to be among the first in line for a free evaluation for your home or business.

About Solarize Cobb: Solarize Cobb is a new program initiated by a coalition of multiple Cobb-based organizations: My Green Earth, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, Environment Georgia, Sierra Club Georgia Chapter - Centennial Group in NW Georgia, and Solar Crowdsource. Increasing energy independence via reducing the barriers and cost of solar-energy and battery-storage installations through the power of bulk purchasing is the objective of the campaign, which will launch in mid-August 2023.



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