Price for Solar Energy Continues to Decline Locally through Solarize the Triangle

Posted by: Ken Haldin

Dec. 2, 2022

Final Month for Residents to Seek Group-Buying Savings on Solar Energy and Battery Storage

With a Dec. 31 deadline ahead to sign up for a free solar energy assessment, Solarize the Triangle has reached another lower-cost tier in its discount price offering to property owners in the Region.
The community-based group-buying program – developed by 11 local governments in the Triangle – has already enrolled 1,070 property owners seeking proposals for solar-energy systems.
To date, 546 kW of renewable solar power – more than half a megawatt – has been purchased through the program, which launched in August and has achieved 59 homeowner contracts to date.

Once these installations are completed, over 1 million per year in pounds of CO2 will have been avoided in the Region. This is the equivalent of 100 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year.

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Solarize the Triangle Discount Pricing Continues to Fall Via Early Homeowner Contracts

Posted by: Ken Haldin

Nov. 7, 2022

Two Free “Solar Socials” Upcoming in Cary and Raleigh Nov. 11-12 to Learn More

With less than two months remaining to sign up for a free assessment, Solarize the Triangle – the community-based group-buying program developed by 11 local governments in the Region – has reached another milestone in its unique pricing tiers.

Based on commitments from homeowners to add new renewable energy systems to their properties, the more residents and business owners who contract for solar installations through the Solarize program, the more savings accrue for all participants.

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Solarize Athens to Donate Solar Panels to East Athens Development Corporation

Posted by: Don Moreland

Donation to Reduce Energy Burden for Low Income Families

Athens, GA— East Athens Development Corporation to receive two free solar energy system donations from Solarize Athens 2020 Campaign.

“We are elated that Solarize Athens has selected EADC for the donation,” said Fred Smith, Director of EADC. “EADC is committed to improving the economic plight of low and moderate income families who live in Athens‘ impoverished neighborhoods. By reducing electricity expenses, the donated 100% free solar energy system(s) will have a huge and positive impact on the families’ budgets and lives — especially during this time of unprecedented economic challenge,” said Smith.

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Top Five Reasons Why Solar Now - 2020 Edition

Posted by: Don Moreland


We posted a top 5 reasons 'why solar now' back in 2016 but a lot has changed since then. Costs have come down, the market has matured, new technologies are available, and incentives have come and gone. For this 2020 edition, there are very different, increasingly urgent, and more compelling reasons than before. So, without further ado, here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Solar Now - 2020 Edition:

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Solarize Dunwoody Officially Launches

Posted by: Don Moreland

About 75 Dunwoody and Sandy Springs residents packed the Dunwoody Nature Center to hear from community leaders and solar experts about the program. Community leaders Robert Wittenstein (Dunwoody Homeowners Association), Jason Metzger (Dunwoody Sustainability Committee), and Tina Wilkinson (UMC Earthkeepers) explained why they are bringing a Solarize program to Dunwoody while representatives from Hannah Energy talked about the benefits of solar and showed off some of the solar components selected for the program, including the Tesla Powerwall 2. Check out some video from the event on our Facebook page.

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