What the Twitterverse Is Saying About Community Solar

Posted by: Karina Antenucci

Community solar programs (like Solar CrowdSource's) bring a utility together with its customers who want to choose how they purchase and consume energy. Through utility community solar customers purchase panels of a large, central solar facility and receive an energy credit on their utility bill for the energy the panels produce. Customers get a choice that will have a huge impact on their wellbeing, the environment, and save big bucks in the process!

Because this is such a hot topic—indeed, within the last two months, the Obama administration announced plans to provide financial and educational support for community solar in low- and medium-income neighborhoods—we thought it would be fun to wrangle together the latest commentary that’s #trending about #CommunitySolar on Twitter. Read on as these programs gain traction across the United States. 

 Updates on Community Solar happenings in different states:









Shamless plug! Because we, too, are helping spread this fantastic program in Georgia through an easy-to-use online platform, where our solar experts make the whole process as turnkey as possible and connect utilities with customers who want to go solar.

Now here's some trending news and commentary about Community Solar as well as some tips from the experts:










Why, yes, @NewEnergyProf, we think Community Solar IS the #nextbigthing! Along with our other programs, Solarize and Solar Marketplace...so cutting edge!

Others are predicting the future:


What questions do you have on this subject?

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