What You Need to Know About Net Energy Metering in North Carolina

Posted by: Don Moreland

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If you are in Duke Energy Service Territory (Duke Energy Carolinas or Duke Energy Progress) and considering the purchase a solar system for your home, church or business to save money on your electricity bills by generating clean renewable energy, you are in the right place. However, there are three significant dates coming up in September that are of critical importance.

  • September 15, 2023: Target date to sign a solar project contract to insure you qualify for Duke Energy’s current net metering program.
  • September 30, 2023: Last day to sign-up for the Solarize the Triangle Group Discount Purchasing Program. 
  • October 1, 2023: Duke Energy’s New Net Metering programs begin (NSC TOU and the NMB Bridge Rate Riders)

October 1, 2023, is a significant day because new solar customers will be required to sign the new Net Metering Bridge Rate Rider which allows for customer to remain on their fixed rate electricity rates, but with some changes that include reduced credits for excess solar generation and some increases in monthly fees.

What is Net Energy Metering? Duke Energy customers that have solar and generate more electricity than they use at any given time receive credits for any excess solar generation sent back to Duke at the retail rate. For example, if you pay 12 cents per kWh for electricity purchased from Duke Energy, they will credit you 12 cents per kWh for electricity that you send back. 

Duke Energy Customers without Solar. Customers that do not yet have solar but want to get in on the current NEM programs must complete an interconnection application by Sept 30 or you risk missing out on the current NEM plan that offers lower fees, more choice, and a higher compensation rate for the electricity sent back to the grid. 

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But, if you miss the Sept 30 deadline, not all is lost. Through a negotiated settlement between three NC Solar Installation Companies representing the NC Solar Industry and Duke Energy, customers that interconnect after Sept 30, 2023, will qualify for the Net Metering Bridge Rate Rider program (NMB). The Bridge Rate Program will be offered for five years and is a 15-year flat rate plan that offers a transition to future net metering programs offered by Duke Energy. The Bridge Rate Program is open to a limited number of customers each year, so sign up as soon as you can!

Is all this confusing? Yes, it is. Is there a way to figure out what to do and how to navigate all these changes? Yes, there is. Which is why Solarize the Triangle in conjunction with NCSEA are hosting a virtual webinar on Sept 12 @ 12pm EST to help unpack these changes and inform North Carolina homeowners and business owners about their choices. 

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If you’re in the Triangle area, we strongly encourage you to go to SolarizetheTriangle.com and sign up before Sept 15. If you sign up before Sept. 15 you not only have the best chance of getting in on the current NEM plan, but you will also qualify for a free evaluation and group discount pricing offered through this community-based program designed to make solar energy more affordable and accessible for homeowners and business owners in the Triangle area. If you sign up after Sept 15, you will still receive a free evaluation and group discount pricing but your chances of qualifying for the current Duke Energy NEM plan are less certain. If you are not in the Triangle area, then we highly recommend you contact a local solar contractor right away, so you're not haunted by missing out on the current NEM plan.

Interconnection Date

Before Sept 30

Rider NM

After Sept 30, 2023 through Dec 31, 2026 Rider NMB

After Dec 31, 2026

Rider RSC

Solar Export credit (kWh)

Retail rate (annual true-up)

DEC:   $.335, DEP: $.34


Minimum Bill

Basic facilities charge for chosen rate schedule

$22.00, $28.00

$22.00, $28.00

Non-bypassable charges




Grid access fee  > 15kW




Rate plan

Choice of available rate schedules

Choice of available rate schedules

Time-of-use with critical peak pricing

Grandfather period

15 years from interconnection

15 years from interconnection



More information including the revised net metering riders can be found at https://www.duke-energy.com/home/billing/rates.



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