Climate Change: VICE Puts It In Perspective

Posted by: Karina Antenucci

 If you’re a VICE (the Emmy-winning HBO series) fan like we are, you likely saw this past season’s episode about Greenland’s melting glaciers. In this episode, Shane Smith travels to Greenland with climate scientist Jason Box to investigate why the glaciers are melting, and how the resulting rise in sea level will devastate our world sooner than expected. Heavy stuff. Here's why it matters...

Watch the episode here.

It's of course not the first time we’ve heard of “global warming,” a term that’s all too familiar these days—we certainly are feeling it in the U.S. with the weather’s crazy shifts. Still, somehow there’s somewhat of a disconnect as we lead our modern lives and go about our business, “doing our best” to save the environment with our diligent household recycling. It’s not until you see raw footage of enormous pieces of glaciers breaking off into the ocean and the effects of the sea rising that is already happening in countries like Bangladesh that you really get it.

Here’s another interesting look on the subject in a blog written by Dr. Paul Wapner, professor of Global Environmental Politics at American University about his experience in North India: Climate Suffering blog.

So what are we to do and is there anything that we really can do to help climate change at this point?

The good news is that a real movement toward clean energy is happening and quickly gaining speed. Is it enough to halt climate change in its tracks right now? According to the scientists, it doesn’t seem so. BUT we all need to be not just thinking about clean energy but jumping on the bandwagon as soon as possible to try to slow down its effects. It’s a simple rule of cause and effect. What we do today will affect our children and children’s children for years to come.

This is why it is so important to take advantage of opportunities like Solarize Georgia, a community-based bulk purchasing program. The government is offering a 30-percent federal tax credit between now and the end of 2016 on solar installations. And Solar CrowdSource, along with your local government, can make it even more affordable and possible for you to use solar energy at your home and in your community. Who wouldn’t want a healthier community?  


Bring on the sunshine! 



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