Georgia Solarize Programs May be the Best Deal on Solar for a While

Posted by: Don Moreland

Solar costs are going up but Solarize group purchase pricing is NOT

There are plenty of articles out there confirming what we are already seeing around the solar industry -- the cost of solar is going up. Supply chain constraints and increasing raw materials costs are impacting many sectors of the economy -- and solar is no exception.

While the cost of solar is going up, Solarize Atlanta 2.0 and Solarize Savannah pricing is not. One of the features of a Solarize program is predetermined pricing that participants can count on when making decisions. When Creative Solar USA won the bid to become the exclusive installation partner for both campaigns this spring, they secured the necessary equipment at set prices for the duration of the campaign. So even though costs are going up all around us, the Solarize low group purchase pricing has remained the same and will do so until the end of the contract deadline on December 31st

Solar works as a hedge against rising electricity costs

The cost of solar isn't the only cost going up for ratepayers. Georgia Power will be allowed to pass on to customers $2.1 billion of the costs of completing the first of two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle. This is in addition to the rate increases approved in the 2019 Rate Case

Solar works as a hedge against increasing utility costs because the fuel source (the sun) is free and very little maintenance is required. There are no moving parts with solar and every system comes with a monitoring system so you can keep track of how well your system is performing every day. Every time the utility increases their rates, you save more money and your system becomes that much more valuable. 

Now is a great time to go solar for residents of Atlanta and Savannah

For the reasons above, Solarize Atlanta 2.0 and Solarize Savannah may be the best deal on electricity for the foreseeable future. We hope you will join hundreds of your local friends and neighbors to take advantage of these great programs to make solar more affordable and accessible than ever before and save on the cost of electricity for years to come.

Enrollment Deadline: NOV 30th

Now is the time to see how you can save up to 20% on the cost of solar, generate your own clean and renewable energy, increase your property value, save on the cost of electricity for decades, and all with the support of the community. For metro-area residents of Atlanta and Savannah, sign up before NOV 30th at or to qualify for group discount pricing and a free evaluation. 


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