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Posted by: Don Moreland

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We've said a lot already. Now hear from your community friends and neighbors about their experience with Solarize Dunwoody:

"I had been considering (really, really wanting, actually) solar panels for years.  But I didn't know where to start, which company to use, or much of anything about solar (was it reliable? would I still be on the grid? what happens in a power outage?).  It was all a mystery to me.  Plus it was too expensive.  When I heard about Solarize Dunwoody, I was intrigued.  I attended a workshop, where I saw familiar faces, neighbors and friends, and I came out of it with a much better understanding and level of comfort.  People (particularly Tina) I trusted had done all the work for me, no more guessing or mystery, and I could now feel comfortable about getting solar panels, plus it was very affordable!

My experience with Hannah Energy has been great.  From the first phone call I received to schedule an evaluation, to meeting with the salesman, to the installation of the panels and the electric equipment.  It was all wonderful.  The Hannah folks were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.  They answered all my questions.

I now have 20 panels installed and the Tesla power wall.  I check my power wall app on my phone several times a day, and it is so exciting to see the energy I am producing with my panels powering my home and charging my power wall.  I get most excited on a sunny day, when I see that all my energy is coming from the sun, and none from the grid.  That makes me so happy.

I look forward to getting my Tesla Model 3 and charging it using solar power.  That will make my clean energy aspirations complete! "

Sandi Strasberg, 6kW solar, 1 Tesla Powerwall


"For Jason and myself, our main motivation for going solar is to do our part to help the environment and provide our child the future we were promised as we were growing up.  The Solarize Dunwoody campaign has helped accelerate this for us by bringing down the cost and helping us know we are part of a community that is also looking to the future."

Jason and Tricia Webster, 5.4kW solar


"We are excited about our decision to install solar panels with Hannah Energy.  Our decision was based on both our desire to be more sustainable, and also we feel that the cost, after taking into account the federal rebate, allows for a reasonable payback on our investment."

Dale and Bruce Morine, 5.4kW solar 


 "I like to consider myself environmentally friendly, and am disappointed with the direction I perceive our national policy is taking. I am not the type of person who posts complaints on my Facebook page; I believe actions speak far louder than words. I looked at the numbers, using even far more conservative estimates than you will see in the sales material, and the tax credit still enables what I consider a reasonable payback period. 

"Knowing that I can afford to do so, I feel the best way to express my desire to support our environment is to act by installing solar panels on my roof, thus reducing my contribution towards a dependency on fossil-fuel based electricity production, and to install batteries instead of a fossil-fuel-based generator. While an individual's financial health makes this an intensely personal decision, I believe that anyone who feels comfortable making a public statement advocating the need to make sure that our environment remains suitable for long-term human survival should consider speaking through action."

Keith Alan Rothschild, 10.1kW solar, 1 Tesla Powerwall


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