Tiered pricing explained

Posted by: Don Moreland

Residential Tiered Pricing (aggregate kW)

Residential pricing is determined by a tiered pricing structure. We use the power of bulk purchasing and economies of scale so the more homeowners that participate in the program, the lower the pricing will be for everyone. Here’s how it works: early adopters who go solar at Tier I pricing will pay $2.90/watt which is already a 10% savings for a comparable quality system outside this program. Then, throughout the course of the campaign, we aggregate the total amount of solar purchased and pass that savings down to the early adopters through a rebate paid at the end of the campaign. Tier VI pricing of $2.65/watt represents a 20% savings for everyone!

View Additional Costs and Price Adders (PDF)

Sample pricing for 5kW system (a 5kW system provides 50-75% of energy demand for average 2,000 sqft home)

Tier 3 Pricing Matrix.png

Commercial Solarize Pricing (per project kW)

Commercial installations are very different from residential with commercial systems generally costing less per watt due to the size, scope and materials used for these systems. Therefore Solarize Dunwoody separates residential and commercial pricing to reflect this difference. The commercial pricing oulined below is exclusive to participants of the program and based on the size of the project — the larger the project, the greater the savings.



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