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Posted by: Don Moreland

While the solar panels get all the glory, it's the inverter that quietly sits in the background and does all the heavy lifting. The brains of the solar systems, inverters are the key component that converts light from the sun from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) so the energy can be used in your home. It's also at this stage the monitoring of your system takes place. Inverters enable monitoring so installers and owners can see how a system is performing. Inverters can also provide diagnostic information to help O&M crews identify and fix system issues. With the growth of solar+storage, inverters are also taking on responsibility for battery management. 

Dunwoody and surrounding communities have a lot of mature tree canopy that can cast shadows on rooftops and therefore solar panels. This can be a problem for traditional string inverter systems because if one panel in an array is shaded, it can reduce the generating capacity of the whole system. Campaign organizers knew tree shade is prevalent in Dunwoody so we sought contractor bids with inverter systemsthat help resolve this issue.

Hannah Energy delivered with two inverter options edepending on your needs, Enphase and SolarEdge. Both of these systems allow each individual solar panel to operate like mini power plants. Thus, if one or more of your panels are shaded, the rest of the system continues to generate clean energy at maximum efficiency. And you can monitor it all in real-time on your computer or smart phone. 

Check out the videos below for each inverter type and monitoring system. Be sure to ask your Hannah Energy representative what solution best fits your needs. 


SolarEdge 2.png
Enphase Inverter System SolarEdge Inverter System

Note: Enphase battery storage is not available in this program. Hannah Energy selected the Tesla Powerwall 2 and sonnen Batterie eco battery systems as part of this program.

Learn more about available battery systems here

Battery systems are not included in base tier pricing. Ask you selected installer for more information.




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